Lyme Disease & Tick-bourne Illness

The key to preventing Lyme disease from becoming chronic is having a strong immune system

Often, the intensity of the immune reaction determines the intensity of a person’s symptoms—as opposed to the concentration of microbes present. In other words, most symptoms associated with Lyme disease are caused by the immune reaction and not the bacteria itself. This means that it doesn’t take a high concentration of microbes to feel very sick. Having low concentrations of microbes is one reason why Lyme disease is so difficult to properly diagnose.

Interestingly, the microbe actually uses this struggle with the immune system to its advantage. It directly stimulates chemical messengers of the immune system called cytokines. Stimulation of cytokines causes inflammation, which breaks down tissues and releases collagen-rich nutrients to the microbe’s ultimate benefit. The ultimate opportunists, the microbes gravitate toward sites of established inflammation in the body, such as arthritic joints.

Complementary Therapy – A Functional Medicine Approach

Lyme disease and other tickborne co-infections are complex diseases that require multidimensional treatments of the whole person, rather than just the infection. 

Infectious agents can cause a number of systemic and inflammatory symptoms and co-morbid conditions through depletion of the body’s natural antioxidant and immune defenses. 

Treating the infection (which will often be in the form of antibiotic therapy) is the first step in most cases, but supporting the body’s ability to detoxify and excrete waste and toxins is also critical to providing patients with a foundation on which to fully recover and heal, eventually. 

At Ohio Brain and Pain Centers, we perform the latest in-depth laboratory and diagnostic testing to better understand your underlying condition.

We utilize evidence-based protocols to support cellular function, systemic recovery, detoxification, and rebuild healthy immune responses over time. 

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